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Guam Hiking
Hiking around the southern mountains of Guam, the coastline, and to natural attractions is a popular activity on the island for both locals and tourists.  Hiking on the island is more popularly known as "boonie-stomping" with the locals.  There are several companies and groups on Guam which offer scheduled boonie-stomps, or there are also tour companies which can provide tourists with featured "boonie-stomp" tours to interesting places on Guam.


Guam Parasailing
One of the more popular tourist activities on Guam especially among Japanese tourists, parasailing can be an exciting activity for those seeking an adrenaline rush on a slow-paced, relaxing tropical island.  Parasailing tours on Guam are offered by many companies and embark from the Hagatna Boat Basin and go up and down the coast of Hagatna Bay.  This is a great activity to see the coast of Guam from the air and offers spectacular views of the island.

Scuba Diving

Guam Scuba Diving
What would a tropical vacation on Guam be without going on some scuba diving tours?  There are many scuba diving companies on the island which can bring you to many of the dive spots on Guam which include natural attractions like Guam's Blue Hole, or World War II wreckages of sunken Japanese ships.  There are so many dive spots on Guam to go scuba diving you probably won't be able to see them all in one trip, unless of course your planning a long vacation on Guam.


Guam Surfing
Surfing is a part of the local culture on Guam, and there are a number of surf spots on the island where tourists can enjoy surfing.  There are about half a dozen surf spots on the island with the most popular being the surf breaks at the entrance to the Hagatna Boat Basin.  If your a visitor to the island the surf spots can be a little hard to find so it might be a good idea to ask the locals or hire someone to take you surfing.
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